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PTFE lined discharge Ball valve FQ41F46-16C

The Series product is PTFE lined Ball valve extension products, strong Corrosive medium for a variety of open and close control of design, ranging from Valve Flange size at both ends, one end of the Standard Flange one end of the reactor with bottom discharge hole of Supporting Flange, can be easily connected to the reactor bottom. its Structure form floating Straight through, connection form of Flange, valve inner shell is made of carbon steel PTFE lined plastic, the ball is with valve rod One-piece metal inserts outsourcing fluorine plastic craft manufacturing, with good corrosion Seal, hoist flexible, fast and features beautiful appearance, high strength, durable. modern chemical process is the most widely used corrosion-resistant Valve. 

PTFE lined discharge Ball valve FQ41F46-16C fluorine plastic lining technique, body use investment casting, high strength, smooth appearance, flow components in contact with liquid are all fluorine plastic, it can be -50 °C - 180 °C in the range of long-term use in any concentration of corrosive pipe, pipeline work.

Working principle 
PTFE lined discharge Ball valve FQ41F46-16C works by Valve to make the rotation Valve clack flow or occlusion, Valve clack and body used in all fluorine plastic lined the inside of the process is made, having a switch light, small size, Seal reliable, simple structure, easy maintenance, using a wide range of advantages.