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Electric PTFE lined Butterfly valve D971F4-10C

Electric PTFE lined Butterfly valve D971F4-10 c with PTFE lined on the surface of the spherical Seal plastic bag lined Butterfly plate, with the valve seat base of silicone rubber gasket to adjust valve Seal performance; The Valve, the operation of the light tight Seal performance, long using life; Can make quick isolating or regulating flow. Suitable for reliable Seal and good regulation characteristics required. Body adopts the split type, valve spindle is the Seal by the butterfly plate and the valve seat between the rotation of the base level and fluorine rubber to control, so as to achieve the product compact structure, beautiful Shape, the process is reasonable, reliable in performance. Keep valve axis not in contact with the cavity fluid, replacing valve spindle is very convenient and can complete valve does not need to tear open LiLi pipes.
Products are widely applied in various Type of industrial liquid and gas in the pipeline transportation (including steam), especially with severely Corrosive medium in the use of occasions such as sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphorus acid, chlorine, alkali, aqua regia has a strong Corrosive medium, etc.