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Stainless steel oxygen Globe valve

Product features:

1, flame arrester: material of main parts of a copper alloy, is non-flammable Materials, even with a high velocity stream of solid particle collisions will not produce sparks Accordingly, the valve has the best flame arrester performance. 
2, safe and reliable: The valves with dustproof, waterproof, anti-oil apparatus, all valves in contact with oxygen are carefully skim oil and ban measures prior to assembly, Packing made of PTFE , can ensure safe use reliable. 
oxygen Globe valve in physical chemistry experiments, often use the oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon and other gases. These gases are generally stored in a dedicated high-pressure gas. When the gas pressure drops through the valve using experiment required range, and then through the other control Valve fine-tuning so that the gas entered the system. 
1, simple structure, manufacture and maintenance more convenient. 
2, the working stroke is small, open and close a short time. 
3, sealing, and the sealing surface friction is small, longer life expectancy. 
1, the fluid resistance is large, a large force is required to open and closed. 
2, does not apply with particles, viscosity, easy coking medium. 
3, adjust the poor performance. 
Principles of Operation and Structure Description 
1, the hand wheel clockwise, Valve rod moves down, Valve clack decline sealing surface adhesion, would cut off access when the reversal is turned on, Valve rod seal mentioned act on the highest point. 
2, Valve added a seal. Valve when turned on, and the two together Packing seal, and there is a protective effect Packing

3, Valve nylon products for sealing surfaces, Packing for the soft molded Packing, sealing for soft material, good sealing performance.