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Sodium nitrite

[Name] Sodium nitrite [7632-00-0] 
[Molecular formula] NaNO3
[Molecular weight] 69.00
[UN] -
[IMDG Code]-
[Product Specifications]GB 633-94

Index Name

Fused salt level

Industrial Grade

Nitrous acid sodium(NaNO2 as dry)

98.5% min

98% min

Sodium nitrate(NaNO3 as dry)

1.0% max

1.9% max

Sodium Chloride (NaCl,as dry)

0.17% max


Water-insoluble matter

0.06% max

0.10% max


2.0% max

2.5% max


white crystal

white crastal

[Character] Tited till vaseline square colourless edge crystal,2.1689/cm3,dissolve for industrial products white or declining to have vaseline crystal,density counting 271~C,be put in slow air middle oxide orsolium nitrate easier to dissolve in water and liquid ammonia,to decline to dissolve than methanol,alcohol,whose aqueous solution assume basicity,the dew. 
[Uses] Be used as fabrication nitro group compound mainly,azo-dye,fabric dyeing mordant,bleaching agent,metal heat treatment agent and pharmacy industry Technology.
[Packing] 50Kg kilograms of inner are moulded weave or demand according to the customer.