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Sodium nitrate

[Name] Sodium nitrate[7631-99-4] 
[Molecular formula] NaNO3
[Molecular weight] 84.99
[UN] -
[IMDG Code]-
[Product Specifications]GB/T 636-92

Index Name Fused salt level Industrial Grade
Puritys(as dry) 99.3% min 98.3% min
Nitrous acid sodium(NaNO2,as dry) 0.02% max 0.15% max
Sodium Chloride (NaCl,as dry) 0.24% max ---
Sodium carbonate(Na2CO3,as dry) 0.10% max ---
Water-insoluble matter , 0.06% max ---
Water(H2O) 1.8% max 2% max
Appearance white crystal white crastal

[Character] Transparent or white colourless ting belt yellow rhombus crystal,density 2.257/cm3(20~C o'clock),taste are painstakingly salty,ammonia easy to dissolve in water and liquid,ting tide easy to dissolve in glycerin and alcohol middle,unties,sodium nitrate tide explains nature in containing extremely a little common salt when foreign substance,increasing by right away extremely. 
[Uses] Make potassium nitrate,dynamite,bitter taste acid and other nitrate,work glass also available disappearing steeps the agent and decolorant,enamel industry's help flux,the tobaccocombustion-supporting agent,metal washes an agent and compounds the blueing agent of ferrous metal,aluminium alloy heat treatment and six-zone-pass caustic soda decolorant,are used as fertilizer on the agriculture. 
[Packing] 50Kg kilograms of inner are moulded weave or demand according to the customer.