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Potassium fluoroborate

[Name] Potassium fluoroborate [14075-53-7] 
[Molecular formula] KBF4
[Molecular weight] 125.90
[UN] 3260 
[Product Specifications]

Index Name Index Index Name Index
Appearance Achromaticity crystal Potassium siliconfluoride(K2SiF6) max1.5%
Purity min98% Iron(Fe) max0.05%
Chloride(Cl) max0.1% Heavy metals (as Pb) max0.05%
Sulphate(SO4) max0.01% Calcium(Ca) max0.05%
Water(H2O) max0.1% Sodium(Na) max0.1%

[Character] AIt is white powder or gelatiniform crystal, nonhygroscopic and bittering. It is a hexagonal rhombus crystal when crystalized from aqueous solution. Its relative density is 2.50, mp 529.5°C. It is slightly soluble in water and hot ethanol. It decomposes at melting point, reacts with strong acids such as sulfuric acid to produce boron trifluoride, reacts with alkaline metal carbonates to produce fluoride and borate. It is toxic!
[Uses] It is used as flux for soldering and brazing, in sand-casting of aluminum and magnesium, in the production of boron contained alloy, as filler in grinding wheel of thermoset resin, as the material to produce boron trifluoride and other fluoride, as reagent in electrochemistry. It is also used to clean light metal dreg in welding flux of silver, gold and stainless steel.
[Packing] Packing with plastic weaven bag lined with polythene plastic bag, 25kg or 1000kg per bag.