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Sodium fluoroborate

[Name] Sodium fluoroborate [13755-29-8] 
[Molecular formula] NaBF4
[Molecular weight] 109.79
[UN] 1759
[IMDG Code]
[Product Specifications]

Index Name Index Index Name Index
Appearance White crystalline powder Silicon oxide(SiO2) max0.5%
Purity min98% Iron(Fe) max0.005%
Chloride(Cl) max0.005% Heavy metals (as Pb) max0.005%
Sulphate(SO4) max0.005% PH 2-4
Aqueous solution test Acceptability max Phosphate(PO4) max0.01%

[Character] It is a white or colorless crystal, bitter and nonhygroscopic. It doesn't etch glass when absolute dry. Its relative density is 2.47 at 20?. Its melting point is 384?( decompose ). It is easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol. It decomposes when meet sulfuric acid. Toxic! 
[Uses] It is used as catalyst for rosin settlement in textile printing and dyeing industry, as oxidation inhibitor, as flux in nonmetal refine, as coating and fluorization agent. 
[Packing] Packing with polythene plastic bag lined with plastic weaven bag. 25kg per bag.