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Ammonium fluoride

[Name] Ammonium fluoride [12125-01-8] 
[Molecular formula] NH4F
[Molecular weight] 37.04
[UN] 2505
[IMDG Code]8315
[Product Specifications]

Item Index Name Item Index Name
Appearance White needl crystal Sulphate(SO4) max0.1%
Purity(as NH4F) min95% Ignition Residue max0.2%
Fluorosilicate[(NH4)2SiF6] max0.6%    

[Character] It is a white acicular crystal with relative density 1.009. It is easily deliquescent and agglomerative. It is soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol. When it is heated or in hot water decomposition will occur to release ammonia and ammonium bifluoride. The aqueous solution is acidity. It etches glass. 
[Uses] It is used as glass etchant, polishing agent of metal surface, wood preservative, aseptic and disinfector in brewing, textile mordant and analytical reagent. It is also used for extraction of rare elements. 
[Packing] Packing with plastic weaven bag lined with polythene plastic bag, 25kg per bag.