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Potassium fluoride

[Name] Potassium fluoride [7789-23-3] 
[Molecular formula] KF
[Molecular weight] 58.1
[UN] 1812
[IMDG Code]83016
[Product Specifications]

Index Name Index
Appearance White fine powder
Water max0.3%
Purity min99.0%
Chloride max0.05%
Grain Size(μm) 1-50
Specific Surface(m2/g) 1.3max
Apparent Specific Gravityg/cm3 0.3-0.7
Free acid (as HF)% max0.1%
Free Alkalis(as KOH)% max0.05%

[Character] white powder,easy soluble in water,can soluble in HF and Ammonia, slight soluble in alcohol and acetone,it's aqueous solution appears alkaline,can corrode glass and porcelain, Heating to sublimate temperature can resolving a little.Poisonous, Seal and store. 
[Uses] use in metal and alloy welding. Widely use for fluorine chemical solvent in produce organic compound.Use for produce insecticide in agriculture,produce HF in medicine and use for absorbent.(absorb HF and moisture),can produce Potassium Fluoride,also can use carve the glass and Food preservative. 
[Packing] Packing with plastic weaven bag lined with polythene plastic bag, 25kg per bag.