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Zink fluoride

[Name] Zink fluoride[7783-49-5, 13986-18-0] 
[Molecular formula] ZnF2; ZnF2.4H20
[Molecular weight] 103.37;175.44 
[Product Specifications]

Index name of anhydrous zinc fluoride Index name of zinc fluoride
Index Name Index Name Index Name Index Name
Zink fluoridePurity(ZnF2),% min 98.0 Zink fluoridePurity(ZnF2·4H20),% min 97.0
Iron(Fe),% max 0.02 Iron(Fe),% max 0.02
Chloride(Cl),% max 0.15 Chloride(Cl),% max 0.15
Sulphate(SO4),% max 0.02 Sulphate(SO4),% max 0.02

[Character] White crystal powder, almost insoluble in water, slightly soluble in dilute Hydrofluoric acid,but soluble in muriatic acid,nitric acid and ammonia water.Its solubility in water is 5×10-5g each litre;its fusing point is 872°C, ;boiling point is 1500°C,specific gravity is 4.84. 
[Uses] antiseptic of limber,electroplating and organic fluridizer , metal surface treating agen 
[Packing] 50kg cardboard drum with polyethylene bag.