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Magnesium fluoride

[Name] Magnesium fluoride [7783-40-6] 
[Molecular formula] MgF2
[Molecular weight] 62.30
[Product Specifications]

Index Name Index Index Name Index
Appearance White crystalline powder Sodium(Na) max0.1%
Purity min98% Silicon oxide(SiO2) max0.9%
Calcium(Ca) max0.1% Water(H2O) max1.0%

[Character] It is a tasteless, colorless cubic crystal or powder with relative density of 3.148, mp 1261°C,bp 2239°C. It is soluble in nitric acid, slightly soluble in diluted acid, insoluble in water and alcohol. It appears a weak violet fluorescence when heated under electric arc light, its crystal has upstanding polarization, and so it is fairly suitable for ultraviolet spectrum and infrared spectrum. It is toxic. 
[Uses] It is used as flux of smelting magnesium, as additive of electrolysis aluminium, in coating optical lenses and filter, in coating agent of titanium pigment, in fluorescent agent of cathode ray screen. It is also used in ceramic and glass industry. 
[Packing] Packing with plastic weaven bag lined with polythene plastic bag. 25kg per bag.