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Fluoric acid

[Name] Fluoric acid [16872-11-0] 
[Molecular formula] HBF4
[Molecular weight] 87.81
[UN] 1775
[IMDG Code] 93010
[Product Specifications]

Index Name Index Index Name Index
A grade B grade A grade B grade
Appearance Achromaticity liquid Sulphate(SO4) max0.01% max0.03%
Purity min40%,45%,50% Fluorosilicate(SiF6) max0.1% max0.2%
Free boric acid(H3BO3) 0.1-0.6% max2.5% Iron(Fe) max0.01% max0.05%
Chloride(Cl) max0.005% max0.05%      

[Character] It is Colorless transparent liquid. It is a strong acid, can't exist in pure state, can only exist in aqueous solution. The commercial product is commonly an aqueous solution of about 42-48%. The relative density of 42% aqueous solution is 1.32, and 48% aqueous solution 1.37. It decomposes when heated to 130?. It can mix with water and alcohol. It decomposes slowly to release hydroxyfluoroboric acid(HBF3OH) in aqueous solution. Its stability decreases gradually once it touches glass. The hydrolysis degree of the 0.047M fluoroboric acid solution increases from 20.6% to 72% when it is kept in glass bottle for 32 days. It has strong causticity, but does not etch glass at room temperature. It reacts with metal element, metal fluoride, oxide, hydroxide or carbonate to form corresponding fluoroborate. It is toxic.

[Uses] It is used to clean and etch the membrane of the oxide and silicate of metal surface, to clean aluminium and its alloy before plating. Its 2.5% solution is used to electropolish pure aluminium, to remove the solder of metal, as re-lotion for plating part. It is also used as catalyst for alkylation and polymerization, as antiseptic and chemical reagent, and as material to manufacture various fluoroborate.

[Packing] Packing with polythene plastic barrel, 25kg or 250kg per barrel.